This script generates Windows Media Player playlist files (.wpl) from directories. Normally, you have to open all songs and then save them to a playlist. Sometimes it seems more useful to define an entire directory as one playlist and do so with many directories in a batch. Creating them manually can be an exhausting task when having a big and/or diverse music library. Also, Auto playlists may not always fit this purpose.

This is where GeneratePlaylists.exe does the hard work. It is configurable through an XML file where you can define what folders and files to generate playlists from. The WPL file format is defined as XML, which is human readable and therefore it is a trivial task to automatically generate. The resulting files can be used by WMP without any issues.


GeneratePlaylists.exe looks for GeneratePlaylists.xml inside the same directory. Example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<Playlist Source="D:\Music\Rock and Metal" Destination="D:\Music\Playlists\Rock and Metal.wpl" Extensions="mp3,m4a" />
	<Playlist Source="D:\Music\Chiptunes" Destination="D:\Music\Playlists\Chiptunes.wpl" Extensions="mp3,m4a" />
	<Playlist Source="D:\Music\Chill" Destination="D:\Music\Playlists\Chill.wpl" Extensions="mp3,m4a" />