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This is a start script for Steam servers. With it, you can administrate multiple Steam game servers with just one with each game server having its own configuration script (serverscript), usually located in a sub directory like "_serverscripts".

  1. Place where you installed the Steam server user, like /home/steam
  2. Configure start.conf accordingly
    • DIRECTORY: Root directory and location of
    • SERVERSCRIPTS: Directory for server scripts
    • SERVERIP: The static IP of your server
  3. Apply execute permissions to


For each game server, place a serverscript with the extension .conf in $SERVERSCRIPTS, for example /home/steam/_serverscripts/css.conf. When calling, your start command will be "./ start css".

COMMANDLINE="-tickrate 100"

The configuration variables are as follows:

  • GAMEDIR: Absolute path to the game directory
  • GAME: Can be "cs", "hl", "css", "hl2" or "csgo" - additional games can be added by adjusting the script
  • SESSIONNAME: Unique name of the screen
  • PORT: Game server port (leave 10 ports space between each game server)
  • MAP: Starting map
  • MAXPLAYERS: Maximum players
  • COMMANDLINE: Any additional parameters

CS:GO needs 3 additional config values:


CS:GO game types and game modes are explained here.


Command Function
./ Summary of command line options
./ start <GAMESERVER> Starts the server with the name <GAMESERVER>
A second instance is not started as long as the server is running.
This command is ignored when the server is disabled.
./ stop <GAMESERVER> Stops the server with the name <GAMESERVER>
Rules from start apply here as well.
./ restart <GAMESERVER> Restarts the server with the name <GAMESERVER>
Internally executes stop, then start. Rules from start apply here as well.
./ update <GAMESERVER> Updates an existing game server or initially installs it.
./ reinstall <GAMESERVER> Deletes and re-installs a game server.
WARNING: There will no confirmation! Also remember to specify what server to re-install, otherwise all servers will be re-installed.
./ enable Enables all servers for starting
As long as disabled, the command start will not start any server.
./ disable Disables all servers for starting
As long as disabled, the command start will not start any server.

Note: The <GAMESERVER> parameter is optional. When omitted, all servers are affected.