Literay 6.0.2 Rendered


Raytracing is the process of high-quality static image rendering. Literay implements different graphics features, such as non-polygonal primitives, textures, bump maps, anti-aliasing and especially realistic lighting. The Lua scripting engine allows scene generation using the script editor.

Literay's Lua scripts can also be used to render multiple sequential images, thus creating a moving scene (image to video conversion is not part of Literay). The scripting engine provides enough options to create any set of entities and lighting to render. The best example of how Lua is superior over a static markup script is the fractal scene.

Literay also takes advantage of multi-core processors, because raytracing is a task that can be very easily parallelized.

Scene editor

Using the main application, scenes can be scripted and rendered.

Please note that I have developed the scene editor when I was still learning WPF. This project's focus is the rendering engine.

Scene editor