2013 to 2015
Migration planned

PEunion bundles multiple executables (or any other file type) into a single file. Each file can be configured individually to be compressed, encrypted, hidden by file attributes, etc. Files can also be executed in memory, if you want to avoid file drops.

The resulting binary is compiled in runtime from dynamically generated C# code. No resources are exposed that can be harvested easily using tools like Resource Hacker. PEunion does not use managed resources either. When encryption and compression is applied, files become as obscure as they can get.

PEunion can be either used as a binder or a crypter, i.e. encrypting and compressing a single file.


  • Bind multiple files of any type
  • Applicable to single file as well
  • Compress with Gzip
  • Encrypt with AES-128
  • Execute both .NET and PE executables in memory without file drops
  • Hide file drops by attributes (hidden + system)
  • Assign executable icon