2007 to 2014

Source code can be downloaded on GitHub.

bytecode77 / fastpix3d

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FastPix3D is a software rendering 3D engine written in C++. Software rendering is based on software graphics processing without utilizing hardware acceleration, such as Direct3D or OpenGL. CPU rendering is slow, yet FastPix3D is quite powerful. It even supports vertex lights and stencil shadows at a quite acceptable frame rate. Many optimizations are implemented in order to achieve such performance.

Important to remember is to see software rendering as a mathematical challenge rather than an attempt to implement a productive graphics engine. You will not achieve high quality graphics with software renderers - that's what GPU's are for. But you will most definitely get a better understanding for polygon-based 3D graphics when writing one yourself.


  • Textured & colored polygons (with perspective corrected textures)
  • Z-buffering
  • Vertex lights
  • Stencil buffer, shadow volume creation & stencil shadows using Z-Fail algorithm
  • Meshes
  • Direct3D like object model
  • Highly optimized, native C++ code
  • HUD & bitmap fonts