Foundation Layer

BytecodeApi implements classes and extensions for general purpose use. Especially, boilerplate code that is common ground in a lot of .NET projects is implemented in BytecodeApi's foundation layer.

BytecodeApi is highly consistent, particularly in terms of structure, naming conventions and patterns. The code style resembles the patterns we know from the .NET Framework. The object model is therefore intuitive to use.


BytecodeApi Framework for C# development.
BytecodeApi.CommandLineParser Library for commandline parsing and handling.
BytecodeApi.ConsoleUI Console input & output library.
BytecodeApi.Cryptography Library for encryption & hashing and other cryptographic operations.
BytecodeApi.CsvParser Library for CSV parsing and writing.
BytecodeApi.IniParser Library for INI file reading and writing.
BytecodeApi.LanguageGenerator Library for arbitrary generation of words, sentences, names, and other language elements.
BytecodeApi.Lexer General purpose tokenizer for parsing of any syntax.
BytecodeApi.Penetration Basic implementations of certain penetration testing routines, such as code injection.
BytecodeApi.PEParser Library for PE file parsing.
BytecodeApi.PEResources Library for reading of native resources of executables & DLL files.
BytecodeApi.Rest Fluent REST client.
BytecodeApi.Win32 Library for querying Windows specific operating system data.
BytecodeApi.Wmi Library for efficient WMI querying.
BytecodeApi.Wpf WPF & MVVM library and converter engine.


All classes and members are documented with XML tags. A HTML help will follow soon.