Online Documentation

Foundation Layer & Library

BytecodeApi implements classes and extensions for general purpose use. In addition, specific classes implement more complex logic for both general app development and WPF apps.

Especially, boilerplate code that is common ground in a lot of C# projects is implemented in BytecodeApi's foundation layer. In fact, BytecodeApi in used by many of my own projects. For this reason, each class and method has been reviewed numerous times, and refactored and improved over time.

BytecodeApi is highly consistent, particularly in terms of structure, naming conventions and patterns. The code style resembles the patterns we know from the .NET Framework. You will find it intuitive to use.

Feature Overview

Features that are probably part of most bigger projects:

This is a high-level overview of some features.


The example library demonstrates the usage of each class. While some classes are trivial, the included examples provide a full walk-through on more complex features.


All classes and members are documented with XML tags. The online documentation is an up-to-date reference.