Stay tuned for DevExplorer!

DevExplorer is my current ongoing project. It is very distinct from already published ones, as it will integrate all of them and even more additional tools - all into one application. No more small projects floating around - one application that includes all of them! High priority on the usability aspect, self-updating and full of features.

DevExplorer is primarily targeted to:

  • Developers
  • Security experts & researchers
  • Power users

The application is comprised of apps. You can already see some of them on the screenshot, many more will follow as this is a very early state of development. For instance, the app shown on the screenshot is a process management tool for DLL injection, etc. Other apps include binary file processing, system integration and a couple of convenience tools, too.

And what comes next?

First of all, this needs time... And a lot of it. Once DevExplorer is in a state where a beta seems reasonable, I will publish it here and remove projects that are fully covered by an app.

The target goal is: DevExplorer covers all software that is already here and additional apps. Research projects and funny electronic stuff will still be here, but have nothing to do with DevExplorer. There is no planned release date. There is still a lot of work left to do and I'll keep everyone posted as soon as there is new progress.